Show cancelled

October 2020 – MATARÓ. We are sorry to announce that our next show at Renegade Music&Dance has been cancelled, due to Covid restrictions.

It will be rescheduled as soon as the situation gets better.

We apologise for any inconvenience it may cause, but we really believe it’s for the best.

Stay safe people!

Finally, the last recording session!

Photo by: Mario Rico’s Instagram

October 2020 – ST. FELIU DE CODINES. One of the greatest European guitar players in Country Music, Mario Rico, went up to “La Llar de Folk” recording studio to add his personal touch in two of the songs of the first album.

We can not show you the result yet, but we can assure you that he did an astonishing job on these two songs. One of them, kinda tex-mex tune, with an Spanish guitar; the other, kinda western-swing number, with the electric guitar.

Thank you su much, Mario!

Can’t wait to publish the album, people!

Welcome aboard, Aleix!

October 2020 – ST. FELIU DE CODINES. Long-time Country Music lover, songwriter, musician and producer Aleix Garriga joins The Folkytonks! It’s a pleasure, and a real honor to share the stage with him. First chance to enjoy him: October 4th at Legends Dance Hall (Terrassa).

Not only he masters the electric guitar but he plays pedal-steel as well. Traditional Country is safe and sound with Aleix on the crew.

He is also the producer of the first Joe Fields album. His recording studio “La Llar de Folk” is highly appreciated by those who search a sound that goes far beyond the music and gets deep in the feeling.

Fiddling time!

Photo by:Joe Fields

September 2020 – ST. FELIU DE CODINES. New recording session at “La Llar de Folk”!

This time, two of the most talented fiddlers in Europe, Joana Gumí and Laura Pacios, joined the long list of musicians that collaborate with the first album.

The session has been kinda chaotic! But so funny! XD We are sure that their talent will render you speechless once you hear the songs!

Thank you gals! You’re awesome!

Check out Joe Field’s Instagram

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