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It will be released on October 1, 2021

First album is almost ready!

We’ve been working hard in the studio to get that classic Country Music sound that we love. It’s not easy, these days. Luckly, most of the best musicians in town have put their talent on every song of the album.

The album includes 10 original songs. Some of them talk about love from a broken-heart point of view, wanting to heel the sadness, thinking about a misty future that may or may not be a better place to live. Other songs think about that someone special we all dream about, and whom some even share their live Some of them are real-life stuff and some are just random thoughts passing through.

But one thing’s for sure: all of them come from the heart.

Song list:

  1. In The Meantime
  2. Get Over Me
  3. Does A Heartbreak Last Forever
  4. It Ain’t Just Another
  5. Ni un sol record
  6. Tryin’ Not To Think
  7. My Loneliness
  8. I Don’t Wanna Write Another Sad Song
  9. My Baby’s Blue Eyes
  10. Poca llum, terra de fusta

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