Joe Fields

Country Music Sung From The Heart

For me, Country Music is a feeling. A flock of emotions flyin’ free. In every lyric, in every melody, in each and every song. It’s simplicity, the one owned by those who don’t need big words to express their mood. The one from those who do not care being humble, but could not abide being dishonest. No loudiness. Just a few instruments. Harlan Howard got it right: three chords and the truth.

Country songs do not last long, but they last forever. They have the power to get inside of you and never leave again. Once you make them your own, they will never leave you alone. 

If you truly love country music, it’ll always be by your side. It’ll be there on those terrible moments, the saddest, the loneliest,… but do not expect her to smooth those moments for you. She’ll be fine just crying, next to you, every tear you cry. And she will also be there on those moments of uncontrolled happiness, the craziest, the funiest… And she will fall deep in love, just as much as you will, even if it’s with the wrong person. In other words, she will live with you, she will live in you. 

How lucky are those who hold Country Music deep inside their hearts; they will never be alone.

Joe Fields

Most Precious Awards

You are.

Each and every one of you are my most precious awards. Every time you come to a show or listen to my music, every single like on social media, each clap at the end of a song. I can’t thank you enough!


October 2020

He and his girlfriend drove 90 miles just to get to a show in Terrassa.


July 2019

After a show in Granollers, he said that my voice came from deep inside my heart.


July 2019

During a show in Taradell, she couldn’t help but shed a tear in the middle of “The Chair”.

These are the awards I’ll always be looking for

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